Christopher Rollings’ dedication to his craft, attention to detail and preparation made our film production very fruitful and rewarding. His skilled performance in and dedicated production assistance was directly responsible for our film’s appeal and success.

Christopher has good work habits and brings no emotional baggage with him. He is a generous actor, who strives to not only elevate his own performances, but to also support his fellow performers to do their best work. His authentic and natural acting style was an asset to our film and helped to make my job as director that much easier.

I wholeheartedly recommend Christopher for film and theater work. I am sure he would be a creative and diligent contributor to any acting endeavor. I also look forward to be able to work with him again in the future.


Lawrence Cardino, Director

Archimedes Films


Christopher Rollings played one of the leads in my recent film where the role called for a certain kind of physical acting style, almost a silent movie kind of exaggerated physicality that most actor’s of today are unable to execute without seeming forced. Christopher nailed this physicality while always remaining true to the everyday realness of the scene. He created a character who was a perfect synthesis of the abstract and the concrete, which for me, is the ultimate aim of screen acting. No doubt much of this expressiveness comes from his large background in the theatre, but unlike most actors from the theatre, Christopher never plays the idea or emotion of the scene. He simply exists and says his lines as if they have just popped into his head, which gives his more emotional scenes a genuine spark. I have now written another feature screenplay with Christopher Rollings in mind for the lead character.


Ben Hozie, Director/Producer

Pretorius Pictures



I have had the privilege to work with Christopher on several films, each with varying degrees of intensity – in some he had main roles, others short appearances, but each critical elements of the story. In every instance he has proven his talent and his dedication to the craft, delivering performances reflective of strong character consideration and analysis. He is understanding of the production process, flexible and always a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him as a performer both for the stage and the screen.


Tyann Sells, Director

Allegory Productions



I had the good fortune of directing Christopher Rollings in “God’s Favorite” by Neil Simon.  When Christopher Rollings auditioned, he was the “perfect fit” to play the challenging role of accurately portraying the trials and tribulations of the main character. He understood the wide spectrum of emotions that he would have to perform to ensure the audience would understand the complexity of his character.

Christopher’s acting ability was stellar. He commanded the stage as he went through both the physical and emotional hardships that he would undergo as his character’s belief in God was sorely tested.

Christopher’s intense deliverance of lines and emotions were magnificent. Christopher captivated the audience with his large monologue and demonstrated his wide range of emotions as the story unfolded.

Christopher is a very versatile actor and aims for perfection every time.

His dedication, perseverance and love for the arts, is a directors dream.


Linda Viel, Director

Villagers Theatre, NJ



As a director and cinematographer, I’ve worked with Christopher Rollings for a few years now.  He’s a lot of fun to work with, not only because of his great acting skills, but also because of his positive vibe and openness to new ideas.  He’s very patient with technical aspects of a shoot (lighting, sound and camera angles) and he’s ready to get into character at a moment’s notice. Christopher is very reasonable (no nit-picking or asking for many takes, for instance), but on the other hand he’s always happy to give it another shot if I request it.  Christopher has a good sense of integrity, arriving on time and delivering on promises.


Bill Drummer, Director

Bill Drummer Productions



I have had the good fortune to work often with Christopher Rollings and can attest to his passion and professionalism. As an actor, he does the necessary work both during and, importantly, before rehearsals, allowing him to naturally embody the feelings and motivations of his characters. As a director, his senses are especially heightened, and his precision of unusually high quality. He neither minces words nor cajoles, turning his casts into strong companies of actors who work well together and please audiences. He switches hats from director to actor without missing a beat, following the job description without stepping on toes, working on the material from the proper vantage point, always with clarity and a love for the work. I think very highly of him indeed and would certainly work with him again.


Rudy Palma

Director, Holmdel Theatre Company



Christopher Rollings always does his “homework.”  He comes to each and every rehearsal prepared to work and the dedication to his craft is

inspiring.  He is a good actor who portrays each and every character with great insight, truth and honesty.  I consider him an asset to any

cast. Christopher is a talented actor who is not afraid of taking the risks associated with reaching the core of a character. He also has a great

rehearsal ethic, on time and is always prepared for intense work.


Linda Giordano, Producer/Director

Somerset Valley Players, NJ



Christopher has the wonderful ability of bringing out the best in those he works with.

 His ability to connect with others while on stage and in film, creates responses through words or actions that are natural and true. When working with other actors, he engenders comfortableness, trust, and willingness to explore new ideas.

Christopher is a consummate professional.  He handles himself and others with grace and dignity and generously gives of himself to a project.  When he commits, one can be assured that he will follow through to the full level of that commitment.


Nancy Zrake-Daniels, Director

Oldwick Community Theatre